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Amari Plastics
Plastics, Acrylic and Laminates

One of our main suppliers of plastics and acrylics is Amari Plastics

Amari Plastics offers the market leading ARI (Amari Recycling Iniative) to customers where they require scrap, reject and returned plastics to me taken away. Initially only doing acrylics, polycarbonates and polyesters the scheme has been extended to include PVC – solid and foamed, Polypropylenes, Aluminium Composites, styrene’s, ABS and even PE film.

Amari Plastics owns its own recycling company – Recycled Plastics – which guarantees that no products go to landfill and are all sent for recycling. Amari provides you with the cages and collects them when they are full. For some products you will be paid for the value of your scrap.

Click on this link to go straight to their Recycling page


Codex always use Dulux paints for our stands

At Dulux, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products and our business – from raw materials to waste and disposal. 'Step Towards Greener' explains our philosophy – in order to maintain the high quality standards that you expect, we can’t change everything overnight, but we are taking steps in the right direction.

We are continually trying to lower the impact of what we do by reducing waste and emissions and using energy, water and raw materials as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Click on this link to go straight to their Paint and the Environment page

Exhibition and Events


Carpets and Floor Coverings

Codex nearly always use Exhibition and Events for carpets for exhibition floor coverings.

With thier recyclable ranges they offer a recycling service.

Exhibition and Events


Waste and Recycling

Codex now use Biffa for the disposal and recycling of all of our exhibition waste.